Orson Welles was here attending a bullfight, Madrid - Spain- 1955

Orson Wells and Spain

Wells in Spain, even after he dies

Orson Wells began at the very top. And from there, he went downhill. He himself said this. However, in his supposed decline, he experienced periods of respite, furnished by large cigars, his political and musical affinities, and a country called Spain. He wanted to live, film and die here. His ashes give proof of this to all those who are willing to listen. Because they are buried on a ranch in Andalusia, the property of a famous matador de toros.

That was the final blow which did not allow him to see his Don Quixote while he was still alive. That was the conclusion of his passions for the country of the “tragedies in three acts”, the flamenco, the bullfight and some crazy producers. There in a country without sleds, but with a hidden glamour, he chose not to live on the sidelines.

Spain the paradise of Orson Wells

He returned to Spain because he needed to charge his batteries. And he did so on a regular place. Even after he died. It is true. Take a look.