There was a time when photographers were the eyewitnesses to History. The secret history of the stars. Neither the focus nor the perspective mattered: what mattered was the moment. And proof that those famous men and women were real and that they had been there. Movies and literature had turned them into gods and goddesses, but photography made them human. Humans that we all wanted to be. And now we can enjoy these exclusive images ourselves. At least, we can share a moment of their everyday reality with them.

A moment watching a bullfight in Sevilla or at the famous San Fermín festivities in Pamplona, or relaxing in the Bar Chicote of Madrid or at some lively flamenco gathering.

And a photograph of Ernest Hemingway, of Ava Gardner, of Orson Welles… Because they were all here in Spain.

Washere.com is a project which came into being with the purpose of offering you unique photographs, objects and souvenirs that will take you back in time to that very special moment. We want to share with you the places and the vibrant experiences which those great legends had lived.

Choose a moment and a photograph and receive your own unique and original copy. It will be our secret.